Chilli Bizarre

Address: Blackfriars Hall, New Bridge Street, Newcastle, NE1 2TQ

Hours: Open Tuesday to Friday 8:30am - 5pm / Saturday 10am - 4pm / Closed Sunday & Monday

Chilli Bizarre is an offshoot of Chilli Studios, an ‘Outsider Art’ organisation promoting mental health awareness and providing art and music studio space to individuals with mental health issues from across Newcastle. Chilli Bizarre is an ethical art café selling delicious affordable hot and cold food and drink, and at the same time providing a gallery space in which artists from Chilli Studios can display their work. All the artwork on display in Chilli Bizarre is available to buy, with all profits being fed back into Chilli Studios in order to help them continue their charitable mission and offer safe art space and support for their community of artists, musicians and makers. A fantastic venture any way you look at it. Visit their website or pop into the café to find out more…

Categorised as: Art / Drink / Eat

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