Mustang ‘S’ Ally

Address: Unit 12, 1 Stepney Road, Ouseburn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE1 2PZ

Hours: Monday to Saturday: 11am - 6pm

The American dream has come to the Ouseburn in the shape of Mustang ‘S’ Ally, the new U.S.-style diner serving up generous helpings of fantastic food from the land of liberty (and obesity), including hotdogs, fries, burgers, milkshakes and waffles. Mustang ‘S’ Ally revels in the kitsch decor that has long been the trademark of American diners worldwide, from the chequerboard flooring and red booth seating to the obligatory motorbike & rock and roll memorabilia adorning the walls. Mustang ‘S’ Ally is located in a prefabricated structure (as were many of the original U.S. diners before the arrival of fast food chains) on Stepney Road, serving delicious freshly made food for a very reasonable price. With talk of an outdoor seating area and live music coming in the future, this little slice of America in the Ouseburn is definitely worth checking out.

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