NARC. Fest

Date(s): July

For many of us in the North East NARC. is the go-to magazine for local alternative music and culture, and if you’re based in the Ouseburn it’s rare that there isn’t a copy for you to pick up and peruse within a few metres radius. NARC.Fest is NARC. magazine’s contribution to the Ouseburn Festival, a suitably riotous celebration of music, comedy and spoken word held at a number of venues around the Ouseburn. Given that a large part of NARC.’s remit to keep its finger firmly on the region’s musical pulse, it’s a happy inevitability that NARC. Fest always manages to deliver a sumptuous and eclectic mix of bands and artists to choose from, the only problem being you can’t possibly see everything, leaving you with some difficult decisions to make. Be sure to keep one beady eye on the Ouseburn Festival’s website (and the other one on NARC.’s Facebook page) to stay abreast of gigs and events coming to the Ouseburn Festival next July.

Check out the Narc Fest Facebook page for the dates, times and listings.

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