Ouseburn Bat Safari

Date(s): Various dates July/August

Join Wild Intrigue on this popular urban safari to discover some truly intriguing creatures of the night in Newcastle’s lively hub, Ouseburn.

Find out all about Britain’s impressive diversity of bats before heading off, with bat detectors in hand, to track bats down as they emerge from their roosts and forage. Bat detectors bring a whole new level to spying on bats, allowing you to eavesdrop on their ultrasound clicks, slaps and pops as they hunt for ‘breakfast’ and communicate with each other. You will have use of Magenta 4 detectors on the night, perfect for tuning in and turning UP ‘bat chat’.

Perhaps we will see Common Pipistrelles hunting, which weigh as little as a 20 pence coin, or Daubentons bats trawling insects over the River Tyne after sunset.

Associated with vampires and all things spooky, bats suffer from a bad rep across the world. We’re not havin’ that! Bats have cruised our skies for tens of millions of years – way before the first human took the first step. So join us to find out all about the bizarre anatomy and curious ecology of some of our longest-evolved mammals, right here in Ouseburn.

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